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¡Ô Sphygmomanometer
¡Ô Blood-pressure meter
¡Ô Stethoscope
¡Ô Spare parts
Medicare instrument£¨wuxi£©co.,ltd established in 2000, is located in the bank of beautiful Tai Lake. The company owns five modern workshops and office blocks. The area is approximate 6,000 square meters, and the staff reach about 100 people. It is an Indonesia ownership company, which is specialized in producing second-class ordinary examining medical instrument.

The main products are blood-pressure meter, mercury sphygmomanometer, each kind of stethoscope and spare parts. The products are 100% exportation and mainly export Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia's some countries and area. The annual output of the leading product blood-pressure meter is about 600,000 sets; and sphygmomanometer is about 120,000 sets. The scale is bigger in the colleague industries.

The company wins high praise and trust of foreign and domeatic customers by high quality product and considerate post-sale service. The company throughout persists the policy.of "manages with the law; quality is first; satisfies users¡±. Medicare instrument£¨wuxi£©co.,ltd wishes to join hand in business with you; together creates health new idea! Wholeheartedly welcomes your visit, and becomes your trade partner!

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